How to fly the spaceship

  1. Left-click into the scene, then steer with the mouse. Click again to recover the system cursor.
  2. Press the up arrow key ( ↑ ) to go faster or the down arrow key ( ↓ ) to go slower. Press the spacebar to stop.
    If you have a trackpad, you may drag two fingers across the trackpad to control your speed (if the trackpad supports scrolling).
    If you have a mouse with a wheel, you may roll the wheel to control your speed. With an Apple mouse, press lightly on the little scroll ball as you roll it forwards and backwards. With a PC mouse, just roll the wheel without pressing down.
  3. Press the spacebar to stop, left-click into the scene, then drag the mouse with
    • no keys down
    • Control key down
    • Shift key down
    • both Shift and Control keys down
    to experiment with full six-degrees-of-freedom motion.