This header plots the critical line of the Riemann Zeta Function.  A complete understanding wins a $1,000,000 prize.
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Matthew Cottam was the first solver of the Dread Maze Fifteen.  Other solvers were Allen Sytwu, Scott Bristow, Bostjan Kuzman, Ricky Liu, P.T. Kalisman, Miguel Balauag, Fred Priese, Derek Mulder, Dean Hickerson, Francis Heaney, Creighton Thomas, Linus Lee, Pascal Wassong, Andy Brown, Louis Marmet, Otto Edelenbosch, Richard Heylen, Darin O'Brien, Scott Purdy, Stephen Kloder, Chuck Hennemann, Matt Hudelson, Roger Phillips, Martin Chlond, Al Stanger, Brooke Babcock, Paul Nelson, Mikko Heino, Dan Swanton, Anthony Steed, Michael Marfil, Tim Anderson, Carl Hoff, Maverick Woo, John Gold, J.B. Gill, Nick Baxter, Peter B Wells, Ton Tillemans, Al Gordon, Jeff Langston, Feng-lai Chen, Martin, Kory Heath, Oded Wurman, Axiom, Serhiy Grabarchuk, Peter Whincop, Casey Cook, Granwel Wands, Michael Reid, Fabio Buffoni, and Rock.  Obviously, though the maze was very hard, it wasn't hard enough to stump the world's best puzzle solvers.

One of the hardest mazes ever published was Theseus and the Minotaur by Robert Abbott, in Mad Mazes.  Toby Nelson has taken this maze, and designed 15 new mazes of the same type, each one harder than the last.  The final maze is probably the most difficult maze ever designed.  Robert Abbott has it on his site as The Dread Maze Fifteen.  I'm happy to make it my puzzle of the week.  The image below is just a picture of the maze -- if you go to Robert's site, you'll have an interactive Java applet to experiment with.  Robert Abbott's site is Toby Nelson's site is here.

The dreaded maze Fifteen