This header plots the critical line of the Riemann Zeta Function.  A complete understanding wins a $1,000,000 prize.
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The main page for Chaos Tiles is here.

My first three thousand copies of Chaos Tiles is now down to less than a thousand copies, so I've started making plans for my next version.  Since I have a lot of color-blind friends, I usually take out one of the colors when I play.  I think it makes a better game.  I plan to go to a hexagonal metal box next time.  To make up for the lost pieces, I'll be adding two new shapes, a diamond and a wedge.  A separate expansion set will expand the game to 6 colors.

Jerry Slocum - "Thanks for the very interesting Chaos Tiles.  I can see that they can be used for an unlimited number of challenging and  fascinating puzzles and games. Your choice of materials for the pieces is excellent. They have an excellent 'feel'. They remind me of the ivory pieces in my Tangram collection."

Bob Harris - "My set of Chaos Tiles arrived yesterday.  Congratulations on a fine product! The pieces are very good quality (that was apparent from the pictures at your web site before I ordered).  They have a nice weight and feel, and fit together well. What wasn't expected, and was a nice surprise, was the box and holder.  I really was just expecting a plain box of pieces.  So this box was an unexpected bonus.  And I think the box design is very appealing-- the graphics work well, and the shape is unique.  The shape might be a problem with retailers, who seem to like rectangular boxes, but I think this would be an eye-catcher on a shelf in a specialty puzzle store. Anyway, well done!  I'm taking it to work with me today to see if I can get any takers to try a game."

Clifford Pickover: "I had my whole group looking at the Chaos Tiles.  Very nice box packaging by the way.  They wanted to know the relationship between your tiles and Penrose tiles (if any)."

Wei Hwa Huang (winner of  the 1999 World Puzzle Championship): You're right, the tiles do look rather snazzy.  :-)

Linda Randall: "My son just loves your Chaos Tiles. He was playing with them last night for hours, making all kinds of patterns with them."

Will Shortz: "What a beautiful game!"

Contest.  A $500.00 prize will go to the person who finds the best solution to this question: How many pieces are necessary to make the 97 two tile combinations simultaneously?  The contest will end on December 7th, 2000.  Some of the factors I'll be looking at when I choose the 'best solution' include: fewest number of repeated combinations, smallest diameter of solution, minimal number of clumps, fewest sides on outside border, fewest internal holes.  No purchase is necessary, and the contest is open to everyone.

Find the best way to simultaneously make all of these combinations to win $500.


Carlos Ernesto Penedo From Neuquen, Argentina sent me the above drawings for Chaos Tiles.