What computer programs and buyable puzzles do I like?  After 20 years of collecting, I've gotten picky.

Zillions of Games is a very promising looking program that allows any chess varient or game varient to be played.  Take a look at the site for this game... the programmers hope to have the game out by Christmas.

For puzzles and games, the Games&Puzzles Auction is extremely nice.  If you have a game or puzzle you don't want any more, you can sell it there. This is also one of the best places to get out-of-print games and puzzles.

Netscape is my browser of choice.  The entire site was built with Netscape Composer.

IBM's VisualAge for Java is my choice for Java compilers.  I tried Borland's JBuilder, Symantec's VisualCafe, Microsoft's J++, and Sun's Java Developer's Kit, as well.  Due to ease of use, nice tutorials, and high support, I chose IBM over the others, after trying all five.

Mathematica is an incredible piece of software.  I use it constantly.

Kadon Enterprises sells some of the most beautiful puzzles in the world. Sextillions, Quintillions, Kaliko, and Octiamond Ring are all beautiful puzzles that stay out constantly. My favorite puzzle at the moment is the Octiamond Ring.  It is beautiful enough that I cannot put it away.  Kadon includes the 12 Hexiamonds with the 66 Octiamonds -- together, they make a perfect hexagon, which makes a perfect puzzle.

Set is a lovely game, and the company has devoted a website to it.  The daily contest is quite challenging.