Once again it was a nice puzzle you choose for your puzzle of the week.
It took me 70 moves. I didn't find the shortest solution, but
I'm still trying.
Erwin Eichner

First, (you know it), but i´ll have to say it once again : it´s unbelievable brilliant !!
the most exciting puzzle i got to solve for a great many of month (if not years).
And i see a lot of them. thank you for this!
I really had great problems at the beginning(yesterday), even to do the first,simplest training sample1,
i had half a mind to throw it away(close the window, and gone its forever..),
because i thought it doesn´t work properly(sample1!).
but then i checked out how it works, and it really got me.
As a puzzle-creator by myself (for example: Arrows-Tiles, a DragnDrop-JS) I had
to resist the temtation to write a tiny C++ program, which would solve it quickly.
And i have it in my mind, but Thank goodness! I was too sluggard to write it out.
It would have prevented me from doing it with my lousy old brain, and YES!, it was a PLEASURE,
such a pleasure.
I can´t tell you all my up´s and downs in your fiendish swamp,
but the point of no return(needed) was when i succeeded in bringing up the 3-plank in one rush,
next things i dont remember anymore;-), it was like in trance,
everything was clear at once, just happened naturally! (although far away from finish..)
But i have to end now, owing to my journey discovering Route 66...
Franz Pichler

I was working on this last week, and I finally solved it today.
This is a great puzzle, but it makes me a little crazy
(actually). I think it's amazing you can create these mazes,
because I can't fully understand what is going on in them.
One thing I liked about 15 is it had longer paths than the other
Plank mazes.
Robert Abbott

hi, my name is Juan Montalvo Bressi, i'm 16 years old,
and i'm from Buenos Aires(Argentina), the code for the friendshy maze is 291

Certainly a very fiendish puzzle, and very enjoyable.
After a while playing you get a feel for the best plank
combinations and it starts to get easier.
Nick Gardner

Thanks a lot for the great contents these past months at your site.
Fantastic selection!
Andrea's new Plank Maze 15 is SUPERB! It took me ab. 45 minutes
to find the path.
Serhiy Grabarchuk

It took me 96 moves, but I eventually did it.
Srinivasan Sethuraman

Finished Three Time each with 60 moves... (aaarrrggghhh), but finally
found the way with 57. Quite a nice mace, hope I never stumble
into a swamp like this.
Joe Dorando

I have at last solved "Plank Maze 15 - Fiendish".
It's certainly fiendish but wonderful and delightful.
Koshi Arai

This is a fantastic puzzle. I found it much more difficult than Robert
Abbott's maze from last week, and I clicking wildly for more than an hour
before I realised it was possible to determine the only possible final
positions for all the pieces. Even then it took me another 30 minutes to
find a solution.
Andy Brown.

I solved the Plank maze - not the optimal solution I'm sure as there
were a few wrong turns along the way. (Code 291) I expect I could go
back and shortne the solution but I'm not going to.
As usual the way I solved it was to work out the ending first!
Andrew Clarke

Nice puzzle! It dragged me away from work for quite a
c kauyeun

That was quite good fun. Took me a long time, but was really very
enjoyable. I finally managed, before giving up and getting pen and

I finally beat them all! Great job on those mazes! I don't know how you come
up with the designs for things like that. Its hard enough to solve them let
alone create one. I was stuck on 14 for a while, and then, I finally beat
it and I find you've added another one. Anyway, I had hours of fun doing
them. I enjoyed fiendish, the 4th plank adds another dimension. Keep them
coming if you've got any more in you!
Mark Grimwade

Juan Montalvo Bressi
Matt Elder
Chris Skowera
George Tolley

I rate the difficulty as substantially above average, but feel that a couple
of the hex arrays were truly more difficult. Estimated time was one to one
and one half hours as I recall from last Thursday, I think.
Great work, and keep `em coming.
Gary Mulkey

Nice maze! - code is 291
Colin Backhurst

Good puzzle, took me a little over an hour to solve :-)

These are awesome! It took me a while to refine my strategy.
aron fay

The code for the "fiendish" log bridge puzzle is 291. :)
Now I can achieve another few minutes of geek fame on your
solvers page.
Anyway, the log bridge puzzle took me a good hour to
solve. I took 63 moves. The easiest way to retrieve the
three-unit-long log at the lower right is to come in with
the four-unit-long log from the lower left corner, but this
makes the four-unit-long log difficult to retrieve. I
thought the toughest part of the puzzle was just linking
up all four pieces. Once I managed that, the solution
came quickly.
Dan Hennessy

It took me a while, but I managed to solve the "Fiendish"
plank maze. Phew! It took me 1719 moves (!), but it was worth it. The fun
part about this is that I _thought_ I could back solve it. When I moved the
3- and 4-planks to G47 and CG7, I thought I was set. But I realized my errors
when I found loops and nearly came back to where I started.
Matt Jones

It took me 733 steps which I'm sure is far from optimal.
Very nice puzzle.
Carl Hoff

With 4 planks there was plenty to think about making this an interesting puzzle to solve.
Tom Winchester

Another good puzzle set. Fiendish definitely lived up to its name.
Dave Erickson

My name is David L. Vicéns (20 years old) and I solved the Fiendish Puzzle.
It was a great puzzle, thanx

Good puzzle! Thanks
Michael Marfil

I finished the fiendish maze... quite the headache!
I'm getting NO work done this week :)
Derek Bosch

My name is David L. Vicéns and I'm emailing you 'cause you asked for the code.
The code is 291, it was very difficult, can't manage to do it on less than
69 moves. I guess I'll keep trying. Thanx ........

I completed the puzzle, and got the code 291.
It truly is fiendish.
Roger Phillips

Fewest number of moves I found was 57.
At first glance I didn't think the plank mazes would be all that interesting,
but once I got into it I found it to be quite good. It's actually feels more
like a sliding block puzzle than a maze. It's definitely much better than the
alice arrow-mazes, although I still like the Minotaur mazes best!
Bob Kraus

The code that shows up is 291. I did it in about 63 moves but I wasn't being
very careful.
The easiest way to solve it is to work out what the final configuration of
the two large planks must be and then to work out what intermediate
configurations of the large planks are needed to get there. The two shortest
planks can be used as a snake to transfer "control" from place to place.
Richard Heylen