Octiamond comments:

   "I just received your "Border Patrol" octiamonds set.  I'm stunned at its beauty (and I own most of Kadon's gems).  Can't believe you have produced such a gorgeous set at such an affordable price!  I may order a couple more soon."

   "Thanks for the octiamonds - the sets, as you said, are very attractive."

   "I received the octiamonds last Thursday, and the Chaos Tiles on Friday.  I've been carrying around the octiamonds with me showing them off and trying to get enough time to sit down and work (play, really) with them."

   "I got them today, as you predicted: a lovely little package of almost Japanese elegance. I've been peeling them as I read my mail; excellent little pieces that just demand to be shoved together."

   "The octiamonds arrived today. I've peeled the tape off about half of them so far and they're going to look reeeeaaallly nice."

   "Oh I wanted to let you know that I got the Chaos Tiles on Monday.  The quality is unbelievable.  I had no idea that one person could go off and have something of that quality made by himself.  If anyone is ever going to make all the fair dice, you are sure the guy for the job."