This header plots the critical line of the Riemann Zeta Function.  A complete understanding wins a $1,000,000 prize.
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Real Life Graphs

The following chart is from

CO2 chart from

The above chart shows that CO2 concentrations have been increasing linearly.  At, you can see many of the organizations involved with carbon cycle science.  The data from Mauna Loa goes back to 1958, that graph can be seen here.  The main page of figures is here.  All nice graphs.  (If you know of any nice graphs of natural phenomena, please write me.)

So, what do these graphs mean?  Here's a recent Science News article.  No-one knows what a carbon dioxide level of 500 or 600 might do, so scientists are generating such environments.  It turns out plants grow faster in elevated CO2 levels, but their nutrition value goes down.  Animals and insects have to eat more, and thus grow more slowly.