Official rules for Eternity.

1. Ertl Europe Ltd will pay one million pounds sterling (not applicable to the Netherlands, Japan, or Germany) or its equivalent at the current exchange rate to the first valid entry received after 2 June 1999 with all 209 Eternity puzzle pieces fitted into the frame so as to fill it completely like a jigsaw, with no gaps or overlaps.  The winner must pay any tax on the prize.  Anyone aged 18 or over other than the inventor, Ertl, the judges or associated companies or their employees or their families may enter.  Entry is not available in the following United States: Florida, Maryland, Vermont, North Dakota, [Arizona].

2. No purchase necessary to enter competition.  For details and everything needed to enter, write to Ertl Europe Ltd, FREEPOST Falcon Road, Exeter EX2 7LB, England.  This is at no cost.

3. Please check that you have 209 different pieces.  Missing pieces will be supplied if you write to Eternity Pieces, Ertl Europe Ltd, Falcon Road, Exeter EX2 7LB, England.

4. Assemble the puzzle frame as in the diagram and put the pieces in or follow the directions received for "no purchase necessary" entries.  To start you off, one of the several correct positions for one piece is marked on the solution grid and the base board ("the starter position").  If you have solved any of the smaller Eternity puzzles you can also obtain from Ertl the correct position for the other pieces of the prize puzzle to correspond with the starter position.  It is possible to solve the puzzle without using the starter position.

5. When you have completed the puzzle, please draw the outline of each piece on the solution grid.  Add your name, address, and daytime telephone number and send your entry immediately in a sealed envelope by registered mail to Howard Diamant, Gaebel Watkins & Taylor, Studio 1, Queen's Studio, 117/121 Salisbury Road, London NW5 6RG, England, to arrive no later than noon GMT on 30 September 2003.

6. No entries will be returned.  The judges will not be responsible for entries incorrectly addressed, lost, damaged, delayed, or destroyed in the mail.  Entries insuffiently stamped, late, altered, illegible or contrary to these Rules will be disqualified by the judges.

7. Proof of mailing will not be accepted as proof of delivery.  If you require further proof of delivery, please put an unsealed envelope bearing your name and address in an outer envelop address to the judges with the words "Proof of delivery please" in the top left hand corner.  Please also enclose a cheque for 5 pounds sterling (made payable to "Gaebel Watkins & Taylor") or an equivalent International Money Order for postage and handling.

8. All entries received after the launch of the puzzle (the puzzle was first launched in the United Kingdom on 2 June 1999) will be held securely
and unopened until 30 September 2000.  On this date all entries received will be opened in order of reciept.  The winning entry will be the first correct entry which the judges find.  If no winner is found on 30 September 2000 further entries will be retained unopened until the following 30 September 2001 and examined on that date.  This process will be repeated until the closing date of 30 September 2003.  The result of each of these scrutinies and the announcement of any winner will be published in the London Times and the New York Times.  After 30 September 2000 you can write to Ertl at the address below to find out if there is a winner.  A sufficiently stamped self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

9. The winner will be notified by post or telephone within 14 days of the scrutiny.  The winner must allow his or her name, likeness and hometown to be used in publicity.

10. By entering the competition you agree to be bound by these rules. The judges will interpret these rules and will not award the prize to any
invalid entry.  Their decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  The English text shall prevail.  Entry is governed by the laws of England.