Curved Spaces

Revision History

3.0 8 November 2006 MacOS X version added.
Extensive internal re-organization to isolate platform-independent code from UI.
Help Book written.
Spinning Earth (as in Curved Spaces 1) added, with level-of-detail rendering.
Texturing respects aspect ratio to avoid "texture creep".
Prepared for French translation (expected December 2006).
2.0 20 June 2006 Faster tiling algorithm: replaced O(n²) algorithm with O(n log n) algorithm.
Faster rendering algorithm: 2-3 times faster.
Smoother rendering algorithm: cells added and removed on a frame-by-frame basis.
More flexible fog algorithm: automatically adapts to depth of tiling.
Uses programmable vertex shader to move fog computation from CPU to GPU.
Walls of fundamental cell may be fully closed, fully open or anywhere in between.
Vertex figures displayed upon demand.
Clifford parallels displayed upon demand (in spherical spaces).
1.0 ~2000 Original Curved Spaces 1.0 release.