Chaos Tiles -- A complicated move
Rules are here.

The starting position.  Red has just been claimed.  It is now your turn.

To start, make a TRANSFER as a free turn.  In the previous position, the YB Vek only had one match.  This new position allows two matches, so you may move it there as a free turn.

Next, you may play an auxilliary move as a free move.  The BG Vek from your hand touches three sides.

As your turn, play the YG Vek in the indicated spot.

Next, as a free auxilliary move, play the OG Kay.

As another free move, TRANSFER the GG Kay as indicated.  In the previous position, it has one match.  In the new position, it has two matches.

As your final free move, TRANSFER the GR Kay to the indicated spot.  CLAIM GREEN.  Finish your turn by redrawing to 5 points worth of pieces.